Automatic Login in Windows 2000, server 2003, XP, Win 7 user account using registry

If you have intension of running your computer and have some programs that have to run auto than this tutorial will tell you how to make windows automaticlly login to system with username and password every time yout computers starts up. It is great if your computer uses some sort of backup program and if it powers down on auto-start you do not need to impot username and password to log on.

Why use auto login feature in Windows XP?

  • Programs in StartUp folder are run only when you enter your username and password
  • No need for typing in your username and password to logon

Step by step how to make your windows to auto-login:

1. Go to Start>Run (or you can also press the windows key+r)
2. Type regedit and press the enter key or click on OK. This will open the Registry Editor.
3. In the registry editor go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion>Winlogon
4. On the right pane of the registry editor you should now see a list of names and it’s values. Among these name check whether AutoAdminLogon, DefaultPassword and DefaultUsername are there.
5. If any of names are listed make them by: right click on empty area in the right pane, then select New>String Value and enter the value names: AutoAdminLogon, DefaultPassword and DefaultUsername (or only keystrings that are not present)image
6. After creating them double-click each value and enter the following value data for the particular value

  • AutoAdminLogon Value : 1
  • DefaultPassword Value : the pasword of the user profile (example: pass123)
  • DefaultUsername Value : the username of the account you want to log in to (example: Administrator)

7. Thats it. Restart (reboot) your computer and next time it starts it will auto-startup and login entered username and password.



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